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Thanks Obama

I would like to say a big thanks to President Obama. You offered 1st time home buyers like me $8,000 if we bought a house. Well, I did, and I was so appreciate for the $8,000. However, the part I am learning now is that my house has gone down over $24,000 in the last 18 months. Thanks!

World Changers

If Church At The Gym is going to be a church that changes the world for Christ, we must first change Sanford, FL, and before our church changes, our people must first change.

This last Sunday the message covered 3 questions we need to answer.

Question 1: What can’t you stand?

– What injustice in the world do you stay up late thinking about?

– What do you wish “someone” would just do. That “someone” is probably you.

Question 2: What’s your plan?

– If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

– People will oppose you, but people will also support you!

Question 3: What’s in your hand?

– What has God gifted you with?

– Remember Moses when he laid down his staff he laid down 3 things: identity, income, and influence.

In two weeks we will be having faculty members from Pinecrest Elementary who will challenge us to be mentors to the students there. Are you willing to accept the challenge?

We run a feeding center in Belize. Are you willing to donate $6 a week to support a child?

We are planning mission trips next year. Are you willing to accept the challenge?

We have given you permission to do your dream, will you do it?



This Tuesday, August 2nd is National Night Out Against Crime. Our local community of Sanford, FL will be rallying together to lower crime. This will be a great night as many of the organizations in the city come together to rally around one cause – lower crime. Our church, Church At The Gym, will be there showing our support for the local community.

If you would like to partner with us plan show up at Fort Mellon Park on 1st Street by 5:30pm and come be apart of this awesome event! There will be many booths with free samples, The Big Red Bus, Mayor Triplett, and a few police demonstrations.

See ya there!

Rescue Me! (Updated Post)

In 1972, there was a plane crash in the Andes mountains. The plane crashed and only 29 survived; they survived to wait patiently to be rescued. Eight days later, 8 more lives had been taken by an avalanche, and there were 21 remaining survivors. They were waiting for their lifeline, and it finally came over the CB radio, “the search party is canceled.” Some began to sob and mourn as they realized; NOBODY WAS COMING TO THE RESCUE.

A few days ago I wrote a blog about responsibility. The truth of the matter is this, you have the guide book. You have the answer. You know where to find the truth to all issues. You have the Bible. You are not going to “get lucky.” If your life is going to get better, it’s because you realize you have to make the decision to get better.

You have all the answers to be rescued in the Bible. If you need help and need to figure out what your next step is or your first step, then feel free to write in here and ask.

I find the harder I work, the more luck I have. – Thomas Jefferson

(If you want to read the entire story, read the book here. The Reader’s Digest version is that 2 men hiked through for the next ten day and survived.)

What’s That?

When I was just a young (punk) kid growing up in Sanford, FL I loved listening to Punk music. One of my favorite bands, MxPx, had this song called, “Responsibility.” The lyrics went, “Responsibility, what’s that? Responsibility, no not quite, yet.” This was my anthem growing up. I figured when I left the Central Florida area, left my small, local church I’d start thinking and worrying about responsibility. My Dad always told me, “When you have your own power bill I’m going to come over and leave all the lights on and open the fridge door and turn the air down to 72!” This was a joke to me, until I got my own place and started paying for all those things, now, I thank Jesus everyday that he doesn’t come over and do that!

I’ve found the key to any growth or maturity is responsibility. Until you feel the urgency of responsibility you are incapable of growing.

Be responsible for how things are in your life right now. Your city, family, job, savings, life is all because of you. The church in Sanford, FL called Church At The Gym is what it is, because of it’s regular attenders. Take responsibility.

The words of legendary coach John Wooden ring true today, “Control the things we can control. If you try to change the things you can not control, then it will soon affect the things you can control.” We need to accept responsibility and change the things we can. There is an infinite list of things we can not change, take responsibility, change things for the better.

“Be the change in the world, that you wish to see.” – Ghandi

Baptism Explained

A lot of people often have questions about baptism, this blog is going to help clear those questions up and explain what baptism is.

Why get baptized?

To follow Jesus’ example. Mark 1:9

Jesus told us to baptize and be baptized. Matthew 28:19,20

Jesus baptized and made disciples. John 4:1

The early churches did it. Romans 6:2-3, Ephesians 4:5

What is Scriptural baptism?

Baptism doesn’t save you

It symbolizes Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. I Corinthians 15:3-4, Colossians 2:12

It illustrates my new life as a Christ follower. II Corinthians 5:17, Romans 6:4



This by no means is a conclusive list, but a good brief explanation. Our church is baptizing this weekend. Come out and join us at 10am to see it done live!



30 Minutes A Day!

I love infomercials! I know it’s weird, but when I come across that random channel at night that has countless infomercials I’m hooked! I’ve never bought anything, but I’m always impressed at the random stuff they can sell! Then I usually youtube the parody version for a quick laugh.

My favorite infomercials scams are the ones that say “In just 30 minutes a day!” I was recently reading an article about tanning. If you tanned 30 minutes a day for a week you would probably be a nice, light brown color. Your skin will have adapted to that brown color in order not to BURN! Well, let’s say you continued this trend and went out in the sun for 30 minutes for the next 6months! Well, you would still be that original shade of light brown. Your body would no longer need to adapt to new stimulation, because your light brown tan is in place and it is not getting anymore exposure, but just getting the same 30minutes which it is use to. If you wanted to get darker you would have to add more time to your tanning sessions.

(So, where are you going with this?)

I’m tired of meeting Christians who think that a weekend service is going to make them “Super Christian.” Over time you will adapt to your mediocre Christian life. If we as Christians want to continue to grow, we must do exactly that, GROW. We grow by serving, telling others about Jesus, reading our Bibles, reading Christian books, intentionally having good conversation with those around us, and just continually trying to become more like Jesus.

If you feel the same way you did 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years ago, it’s time to try something new. Get out there and take a bigger bite!

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Facts About Casey Anthony

I’m not sure if it’s just the Central Florida area or the whole country, but there is no escaping the Casey Anthony trial. It has been the “talk of the town” for the last two months. It has flooded Facebook, gas station, grocery stores, restaurants, the mall, and any other place where there are at least two people gathered!

As a Christian I have witnessed several different reactions from other Christians. I saw numerous posts saying things such as: “God will find you guilt.” to “Yes, I told you she was innocent.” to “She is God’s child we should love her.” to “Well, I guess justice was done.”

I took a step back and ran through all these emotions before my making comment. My comment has nothing to do with Casey it’s about Caylee. I know that someone killed Caylee, hid her body, and for now has gotten away with it. Children consistently get the raw end of justice. (From Shaun King)

I would however like to state a few facts about Casey Anthony as she is the “hot topic” right now.

1. God loves her, the way He loves everyone. In the theological realms we call this common grace. Which is displayed to all.

2. At this point and time she has been proven innocent of first degree murder.

3. She is a liar.

4. We are all sinners (and liars). Who wants to throw the first stone at Casey?

5. It is possible for Casey to accept Christ, if God shows His grace on her.

6. Casey will be judged for her actions, just like everyone else.

Is she guilty? Is she not guilty? These are not the questions we need to be answering or asking. The question for us is are we going to find a way to glorify Christ when we talk about Casey Anthony? Will our conversations about her and the trial make it obvious that Christ is the most important thing in our lives? 

I pray that we don’t get caught in the “I’d never do that” attitude.

Humility is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Christian faith. – John Calvin

(All underlined words are “clickable” and will lead you to a site that clarifies the point illustrated.)

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FWIW – Fireworks

FWIW (For What It’s Worth) fireworks are awesome. Seriously, I don’t know if it’s possible for someone not to like fireworks. I went to two events with two great display of fireworks. My favorite ones are probably the ones that explode, then explode again, and look like a scattering affect. Almost like they are afraid of the other fireworks!

As I watched the beautiful array of fireworks I can’t help, but think of those who are like fireworks. They go up with all the potential in the world, go BOOM, and look beautiful, and then they are gone. Zac Smith’s story is a beautiful firework. A life well lived.

The fireworks while amazingly beautiful also make me chuckle from time to time. Whoever is flipping the bill for this thing puts thousands of dollars into it, and yet still there are dud fireworks. They go up and they go back down, and some don’t even go all the way up!

The Bible tells us that life is a vapor or a mist. It appears for a short time and disappears. It is like a firework, it goes up, and then it does. Whether or not people admire your life’s work or not is up to you. Are you going to be a dud, or are you going to be a beautiful firework?

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